Oriental Rugs, carpets & Tribal Kelems
Discover an exclusive emporium for oriental rugs and carpets from New Castle Gallery, a treasure trove that speaks volumes about an art culture that is steeped deep in ancient Kerala. Enter the amazing world of handmade hand-knotted carpets that are perfected in wide range of natural fibres like wool, cotton and silk. Owned by Malayalees, you can always expect high quality premium products, good service and reasonable rates from us.

Oriental carpets with distinctive styles will be delivered on the basis of availability of materials and other factors like preference for particular designs, patterns and colours.

Jewel Carpets
See for yourself our enchanting collections of jewel carpets. Embedded with precious as well as semi-precious stones, jewel carpets come with a choice on colours, designs, shades and makes. Finished with unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship, each piece of this exclusive set is a marvel to get hold of.